Friday, November 11, 2011

'Eleven From The South Side' is available!

It's finally available!  Eleven From the South Side. The eleven short-story collection of Turner Hahn/Frank Morales stories.  You know what I am talking about.  I've mentioned Turner and Frank to you hundreds of times.  Well, it's time to let you know you can go off and discover them for yourself.  All eleven stories.

The price is $4.99--not bad considering you are getting a download the size of a fairly decent book.  Frankly, I'm pleased as punch.  I've said it before and I'll say it again;  Turner and Frank should be discovered.  They're truly well developed characters.  They have strengths.  They have weaknesses.  They're human.

But in the dark back alleys of the underworld, they're two cops who are honorable, honest, tough, and determined.

But if you're looking/buying something in the mystery-detective genre, by this and then by the other offering I have out now.  Two different kinds of cops.  Cops who, by the way, come out of the same precinct as Turner and Frank.  The South Side.  But these two are different.  They're not the well-oiled, smooth running machine like Turner and Frank.  They're a bit rougher around the edges.  Have a few more issues to resolve.  Find each other a bit uncomfortable to be around.

Actually, the two want to kill each other.  Neither Marissa Hamm nor Mike Bean are, shall we say, the nicest people to be around.  Hamm's sarcastic tongue will carve you up like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Bean's ability at wielding insults around is equally deadly.  Individually each one of them are persona non grata at South Side.  Together they are still persona non grata--but at least they work fairly effectively together as homicide detectives.

They're first set of adventures is called A Hamm and One Bean Too Many.  The first two stories of the series will set you back all of .99 cents. (budget-buster, I know)

Still, as the saying goes, if you like character-driven stories I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed in either one or both of them.

Give'em a try and tell me what you think. 

(to the right you can click on their covers and go straight to Amazon.  Just saying . . . )

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