Sunday, December 13, 2020

New editions to the family

 You'll notice, if you look to your right, you'll see two new selections added to the library. One is Death of a Cuckold Knight and the other is Roland of the High Kanris. Two novels in two different genres.

Death of a Cuckold Knight is about an art thief. An art thief who painted exact copies of the originals and replaced originals with his copies. So good in his talent, as the story goes, that several of his copies still reside today in modern day museums and private collections. The name of the art thief is Jake Reynolds. And the key concept about Jake is that he's both lucky and unlucky at the same time. Lucky in that he is incredibly talented in his artistic efforts. Talented in his athletic gifts. And very talented in his ability to get in and out of dangerous situations.

But unlucky in that he has a quirk in his personality. The quirk being that on many occasions, he inadvertently stumbles onto a corpse of some hapless victim recently murdered . . . and he can't stand the thought of someone getting away with cold blooded murder. He has to find the killer or killers and bring them to justice. How he solves a murder, steal famous masterpieces, and fight a war (did I say his first few adventures happen while World War I is going on?) without getting caught himself is the key ingredient in making the novel/series work.

And there's another interesting concept about the book. I found a site where they will take your ebook and spread it out across several different ebook venues like Scribd, Kobo, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and others. As we speak, the ebook is offered on seven different sites (which actually spans the globe) and ultimately, will be on twelve different sites. This spreading out the good word hopefully will generate a bigger audience. And ultimately, actually make me a little money (Shoot, wouldn't that be nice!)

The other offering is an older book
of mine re-imagined and expanded considerably. Roland of the High Crags is a classic fantasy novel/series.  On a planet where two sentient creatures co-exist, Dragon and Man, and where both species are constantly at war with each other, and old Dragon baron asks a Human warrior monk-wizard to take his last remaining heir and save her from certain death.

But there are problems (aren't they, always?). The child is a weapon. A weapon designed by the Dragon dark gods to fulfill Dragon prophecy. The prophecy being a child will come along who will, when she attains full maturation, become the weapon who will destroy all of Mankind.


Roland is found only on Amazon only. For now.  If you're interested in having either or both, just go to the right and click on the cover. But just remember . . . 

More 'stuff' is coming.