Saturday, July 17, 2021

Guns, Gams, Ghosts and Gangsters


The second book of short-stores featuring Turner Hahn and Frank Morales is now available. Another set of ten short-stories of murder, mayhem, and a touch of the supernatural. A montage of the murderous kind, if you will. With two homicide detectives who are, shall we say, unique in their own personalities.

Which, interestingly enough, creates a curious question. Do I write these stories because I am intrigued in the concept of weaving an intricate tale of dark noir? Or do I write these tales--and the novels featuring these two characters--because I am fascinated in the way the two play off each other?

Ya gotta realize a writer is just one part of the creation story in writing fiction. The writer has their set of do's and don'ts. But when characters, especially the main characters and the main villain are introduced, they bring their own set of do's and don'ts with them.

To be frank, lots of times when the characters act or speak, it's the character doing the action or the speaking--not the writer. Within the writer's mind, fully developed characters--all of them--are their own entities. They live and they breathe their own lives.

So it shouldn't surprise you to hear I've got lots of voices in my head speaking to me right now. And it's a fuckin mad house in here.

On a side-note; I don't know if you know much about Amazon sales. But books who gather significant amounts of reviews--good or bad it seems--are preferred items for sale. Makes sense, sure. But Amazon kicks in with a little extra help in advertising IF a book begins to gather a large number of reviews.

(Hint-Hint)  What I'm saying is this. Read the damn thing and write a review. All it costs is your time in writing and punching a button or two on its Amazon page to publish it. Be honest. I hope you really get a kick out of the stories. But if you find the stories suck big goobers--don't be afraid to say it!