Monday, October 23, 2017

The return of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales

A Taste of Old Revenge
Oh boy!  Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are back in A Taste Of  Old Revenge.  Even better, take a look at the book cover.  Endeavour Press (a UK publisher) went all-out in coming up with a spiffy design.

What makes me really feel good about their return is this; Endeavour wants to run with the Turner/Frank series.  Not just the one, but more to come (they already have a short-story collection featuring Turner and Frank, plus another full-length novel waiting in the wings).  To say I am as happy as a tick on a coon dog, or as pleased as a pastry chef  swimming in a sea of chocolate syrup, would be understating it.

As for as this one goes, many of you are already familiar the story.

Turner and Frank are homicide detectives.  Not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of flat feet.  These guys get dumped on.  The take the cases too difficult for others to handle.  And usually more than just one case at a time.  Murders happen in a big city.  And in some cities, they come in clusters.  So multiple cases thrown onto your desk, if you are a detective, is not uncommon.

In this one, one case involves a old dead man--a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp.  While investigating, the two run into the FBI, the Israeli Mossad, and a nasty little organization of ex-Nazis who called themselves Odessa.


The second case they're working on involves a kid gunned down viciously while working his part-time job in a local convenience store, AI computer programming, the theft of millions of dollars out of war torn Iraq.  And more.

No.  You shouldn't get bored reading this book.