Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And Now a Word From Sam Lang

 All right, boys and girls, time out for another friendly commercial from the growing menagerie of writes from Trestle Press.  I know . . . I know . . . it seems like you can't shake a tree or kick a can down a dusty road without ten or fifteen Trestle Press writers falling out of the sky and littering the place.  But that's the FUN of it all!  Really!

All of the writers at Trestle Press are new.  Most have published for the first time.  All of them write short-stories.   A few (like me) write both short stories and novels.

But the fun part is this;  it's a new publisher.  It's a new market (the ebook market) AND it's the beginning flames of the rebirth of the short story!  I mean . . . to be on the ground floor for this renaissance is kinda . . .you know . . . exciting.

So meet Sam Lang.  Another Trestle Press Writer.  Another one of those guys who delves into the horror and macabre.  Mostly.  He's written a little blog about a new story coming out I thought I might share.

So here it is, amigos:

A Word from the Reprisal Travel Bureau
If you are looking for that perfect getaway with quaint shopping, unique dining and lots of history, then come spend a weekend in Reprisal.

Recently making national headlines, the secluded town of Reprisal is fast becoming known as a destination for history buffs and the just plain curious. Newly elected Mayor Emma Bjornstrand has revitalized the now infamous downtown district. Visitors can tour the town jail and celebrate the grand opening of the wax museum.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, be sure to stop into the Coffee Shoppee! You might see Mayor Emma still waiting tables. Sample some home-made meals named after our local celebrities.

After a long day of shopping at our exclusive stores, check in to Madam Yulissa’s Bed and Breakfast. Space is limited, so reserve your room early.

The truly adventurous may want to make the short trek down the old back road to the infamous Edgar King Penitentiary. Tours are given daily, but overnight excursions are only offered on Saturdays. Some lucky guests could sleep in the actual cells occupied by Reprisal’s most notorious.

With all that awaits, the only thing to ask is “Do you know when YOU get to Reprisal?”

Sam Lang, (Severed, A Vampire’s Guide to Sex) is the author of Reprisal, an ongoing digital short series from Trestle Press. Please visit LangsReprisal.blogspot.com and Facebook.com/LangsReprisal for more information. Sam is certain you will be dying for more Reprisal, so he is willing to offer Chapter 1: Making Plans, Making Memories for FREE to any brave souls that ask for it. Email SamLangAuthor@gmail.com. You can find all of Sam Lang’s works on Kindle: Amazon US (http://www.amazon.com/Sam-Lang/e/B005N8WPVG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1) and Amazon UK (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sam-Lang/e/B005N8WPVG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1)

  • Reprisal is a dying town built on secrets and haunted by a mysterious shadow since its beginnings. Eddie Newport must survive one night in this town with his oldest friend as a bus full of escaped murderers breaks down on Main Street. Read the full story as a series presented by Trestle Press.
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