Monday, November 26, 2018

Yeah, I know; I've been silent for a long, long time. No excuses. No rebuttals. I'll be honest with you. I'm lazy. 

So, with that frankly too revealing confession of me now floating around in the internet, let's move on.

The Smitty novel is coming out in December!! Smitty is now a full-length novel!

You know Smitty. He's my hit man character I've written something like 30 short stories and at least 3 novellas about. The novel I've been slowly working on for the last year and a half. But I finally got it done. And my good friends over at Close to The Bone are bringing it out next month.

The novel is called Dark Retribution: Volume One. Smitty's Calling Card.

My idea was to write a novel. The Main Man over at Close to The Bone wants' to run with it and create a series, entitling the series Dark Retribution. His idea is three novels in the series to start with. I countered with a second alternative. Let's do the three-novels, but let's also bundle the 30 short stories into a three-part series as well. Each 10 story collection will end with a brand new Smitty novella.

We agreed on the later proposition. So the novel is coming out first. Soon to be followed by the first installment of short-stories/novella compilation.

A brief description of the novel is actually found on the back cover of the novel (above). A cop needs a killer to find a killer. Smitty has a reputation of being very good at his job. So the cop secretly asks Smitty for help. Smitty agrees, and the rest of the book is a walk down a very dark, and very mean street for the reader.

Actually, if you thumb back on my blog offerings, I think you'll find a good portion of the first chapter of the novel. The rough draft version. But the rough draft version is the version you'll find in the novel. Just cleaned up a bit.

I'm excited about the book coming out. If I'm lucky, and word-of-mouth about the books passes around by a few of Smttty's fans gets going, hell, I might sell 10 or 15 books. Maybe even 16 books!!!

Wouldn't that be just grand, Franklin. Wouldn't that be just grand.