Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The evolving Smitty

The ever evolving 'Smitty.'
I'm really getting excited.  As you can see.  The image of what and who Smitty is is coming along nicely. If you scroll back through earlier examples of the artwork you will see how the image has matured.
But a note of warning:  this is NOT the complete assemblage of the full cover I have in mind.  The original idea was have the above image seemingly lifting itself out of a blob of ink and becoming the three-dimensional hit man you see.  The original idea has morphed as well.  The blob of ink is no longer a blob of ink.  Now it's a blob of bright red blood.  Smitty may be behind the image now, walking away.  We MAY have Smitty out in the open and moving away underneath a brightly shinning street corner lamp.  Maybe not.

But whatever happens, I wanted to share this on-going creative montage with you.  I get kinda revved up doing this stuff!  I hope you do too.

If the rebirth of the Smitty short-story series takes place (and that is limited only to finding an ebook publisher willing to work with me)  I've got the line up for the first four short stories.  Yes, I want to make the series going four stories at a time.  Occasionally I might throw in a novella two short story combo.  But by in large, it'll be four stories in one package.  And it won't be going for ninety-nine cents a pop as it was at the other place.  By time Amazon takes its cut, and then the publisher takes his cut, out of the ninety-nine cents if I see a quarter out of it I consider myself damn lucky.  So the price will be higher.  Maybe pegged at around $1.99.   We'll see.

But there is a treat for you if the new series comes out.  I've rewritten the Call Me Smitty story--radically changed much of it yet keeping (if not adding) a layer of two of deeper raw emotion.  This revamp is called, There Is No Johnny--Call Me Smitty.

I'm pretty sure that when you read it, it'll knock your bloomers off and hand'em back to you.  Stay tuned.

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