Monday, January 16, 2012

The Smitty Novellas

A Dish Served Cold
A Dish Served Cold.  The first Smitty novella.  An attempt on my part to develop the character of the dark-eyed assassin a little more deeply.  But more than that, I wanted to mix in a bit of spookiness--of the supernatural.  Not make Smitty a supernatural character--but to suggest the idea that  . . . sometimes . . . the soul of a human being projects a power into the supernatural which causes a whole string of events to happen, one after the other.
I've said this before and I'll say this again;  writing the Smitty stories is fascinating.  Creating a complex character who, on one hand, is about as cold blooded as a killer can get, yet on the other someone who is far deeper, and a more nuanced personality, than you would ever expect is both a real challenge and deeply satisfying at the same time.

I dunno.  Maybe it is true.  Maybe in all of us we have this inner most desire to be someone like Smitty.  On one hand having seemingly no conscience when it comes ruthlessly taking out his opposition.  Yet on the other hand someone who is quite willing to live by his own personal Code of Honor no matter what the odds are against him.  Maybe the psychiatrists and sociologists are right;  maybe we all are killers way down deep in the core or our souls and only a thin varnish of civilization keeps us from going ape-shit crazy.

Anyway . . .

So far I've written two novellas featuring Smitty.  The other can be found in  volume six of the series, Call Me Smitty Three Deadly Sins.  I'm working my way up to finally cranking out a full length novel.  Actually, I'm working on that now.
Three Deadly Sins

Brought all this up because Trestle Press has a deal going on.   Until the 22nd of January you can Buy One, Get One free of anything any Trestle Press Writer has written.  It's a good deal.  For basically five bucks you could buy one of my, and then choose either one of the above Smitty selections to sweeten the reading pleasure.  In the end you get one full novel, one novella, and a couple of short stories.

For five bucks.

Can't beat that with a stick, momma.

Personally, I would suggest you get my Death of a Young Lieutenant for your novel selection.  If you like a little military history, a little art history, a damn good adventure, and a pleasing whodunit, you can't beat it for a good read.
But I do have other novels with Trestle press you could choose.  Just go to Trestle Press  or Amazon, or any other place the sells ebooks and type in my name.  But make sure it is a Trestle Press outing.  Otherwise you miss the deal.

I know . . . I know.  I'm getting a little pushy on this shameless self-promotion thing.  But that's what makes me so endearing, isn't it?  My pushy . . . although charmingly sweet . . . personality?

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