Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buy One, Get One Free

Starting today and running thru the 22nd.  Trestle Press is buy one get one free deal.  Here's what they've got to say; 
Starting today, Saturday January 14th through Sunday, January 22, 2012, Trestle Press will be having a BUY ONE TITLE GET ONE TITLE FREE SALE !!
All of our titles are part of this sale, all of our authors will be participating in it, and all you have to do is when you purchase one of our stories send us the proof of purchase and we will be happy to send you the title of your choice that is of equal value.
You can email us in one of three ways; send the proof of purchase by email to one of the following:
-the authors of the titles you purchased and get your free titles directly from them.
-Trestle Press:
We have a wealth of talented authors at Trestle Press and there are many great stories to discover and read. As the week goes on there will be a few surprises thrown into this sale, so please stay tuned to our website: or your favorite authors’ websites or blogs.
Feel free to follow us at our website for all the upcoming news and events surrounding all of the Trestle Press authors as they create more Best-Selling novels, novellas, short stories and series for you to follow and enjoy.
We hope that you will join us and our authors as we make our journey and try to blaze a new trail in this wide open world of publishing. Without you all is for naught; for everything we do, we do for you the reader!
Have fun and happy reading!!   
Now, let me be rude, crass, selfish, greedy . . .  (fill in the adjective.)  Here's what you COULD do!  Buy the above book (Death of a Young Lieutenant).  One of my full length novels.   It's about an art thief in World War One stuck between a rock and a hard spot.  He wants to steal a Renaissance masterpiece.  And he's asked by his commanding officer to prove the innocence of a junior officer in the squadron.
Problem is, both the artwork AND any potential evidence to prove the young man is not a murderer lies behind enemy lines.  That's the rock.  The hard spot is--how do yo commit a felony of stealing a 400 year old piece of art, and at the same time, bring a murderer to justice WITHOUT getting caught with the former while doing the later?
Buy Lieutenant . . . . and then go ask for Three Deadly Sins.  A 'Smitty' taste for your consumption.  'Sins' has one novella and two short stories featuring the dark-eyed assassin.  So, for basically five bucks, you get one complete novel, a novella, and two short stories.
I think it's a heck of a deal.  Of course you can mix and match any way you want.  There are a number of really great writers in the Trestle Press studios, so you shouldn't be disappointed.
But . . . . . (grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland).

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