Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Social Media Translating into Writing Success

Rough Draft for new Turner Hahn/Frank Morales book cover.
Hmmmm . . . .

Been thinking about this lately.  Ever since this blog hit the 1,000 pages-per-month mark recently.

Been thinking about blogging/social media participation and its translation over in contributing any form of success to a writer's sales/familiarity to the reading public.

To be honest, I don't think there is any.  At least, not for me.

The reason I think this goes something like this;  for months now this blog has been in the 800-900 page views per month level.  About a month go it leapt up to the 1,200 per view mark.  Additionally, on various other social network sites I'm hitting the 1,000 mark in 'friends' categories.  Sure, I know; not really large numbers compared to a lot of other writers.  Not even close.  But . . .

In a way it IS a set of large numbers.  There's something like a ripple-effect when contemplating this concept.  Who you know ripples across those who have 'friended' with you.  Say you have accumulated 500 friends/fans on the various social network sites.  And each one of those know at least 500 hardy souls.  The original 500 you know keep an active interest in your comments and on the 'stuff' you write  They make comments on THEIR pages which is seen by THEIR FRIENDS (all 500 of them).  In turn . . . well, you get the picture.

I'm not a mathematician. And you sure as hell don't want to hire me as your tax preparer! 
But I'm thinking that, theoretically, the math should go 500 x 500 x 500 . . . . all the way to the 500th name!

Krikies!  That's a number with a bazillion, gazillion zeros behind it!

You would think . . . and I know that is a dangerous proposition for a lot of us, including me . . . that out of that large number maybe 1% would find your writing interesting.  Just 1%.  That's STILL is a huge number!  And if that 1% purchased  some of your works you'd be considered a very successful writer.

It doesn't work that way,  Don Corleone.  Why it doesn't I can only conjecture.

Now . . . for the doppelganger effect.  And there is one (I think).

Somehow, someway, you become a successful writer through the traditional channels.  You sell books and a lot of them.  Suddenly this social media network you've built up begins to pay off.  Your active on your social media networks.  Instantly people recognize your name and what you write.   MORE books are bought because you're ALREADY well know and you are OUT THERE in the social media!  Fans can actually TALK  to you!  Yowser!

 . . . admittedly this doppelganger effect is a theory of mine.  I have no tangible proof, amigo.  Just a working theory.  If you've got some other ideas . . . or evidence to prove or disprove my theory . . . I would be very eager to hear it.

For now, however,  I've got to figure out how to sell my damn stuff to a large enough audience.  That little pickle is also open for discussion.  Got any ideas?

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