Saturday, August 25, 2012

Richard Godwin has an Ebook Coming Out!

A friend of mine is about to have one of his books come out as an ebook.  A novel, I'm thinking, you need to scarf up as fast as you can.  It's called Apostle Rising by Richard Godwin.

I've talked about this novel and about Richard before.  The man is an exquisite writer who delves deep, deep, deep into the psychological novel and doesn't hold anything back.

What I like about the man and his writing is that juxtaposition of the urbane, erudite, sophisticated Englishman Richard naturally is with the dark and bloody rawness of his writing style. 'Raw' in the sense is writing strips away any pretensions;  forgoing any politically correctness and takes the reader down deep into the savagery of the human mind.

And, in reality, the thin veneer we call 'civilization' is easily peeled back when the Savage in all of us insists on getting out.

I highly recommend this book.  You'll find it a page-turner and won't be able to put it down.  When this little delectible little book is going to be available in eboon format is yet to be decided.  But soon, me hearties;  very soon!

Just got the word!  The  Kindle version is out--so go click on the title above and it'll take you right to it!!  There's some 'extras' in this Kindle edition featuring some excerpts from  his latest novel.  Good stuff!  Check it out!

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