Friday, August 17, 2012

A couple of random thoughts today

All right,  This is it.  I'm finally going to get serious.  I am (gasp!!) going to do something my wife has said I should be doing for years . . .

I am going to get organized!!

I have dozen writing projects on tap.  Five are active.  Yet, like most writers I know (there are expects, of course, to what I am about to say)  I tarry somewhat . . .  if not outright balk at the idea of actually sitting down and writing!   Don't know why I'm this way.  Yes, Gertrude;  I acknowledge I might just be basically lazy.  Laziness has its advantages.  Lallygagging around and doing nothing all day gives you the opportunity to mentally scope out your novel scene by scene.  Fill in a character's personality maybe.  Or block out a particularly difficult scene.

But at some point in time you've got to sit down and write the damn thing.  Ah! Now THAT'S the problem.  The physical aspect of actually writing the novel.

So I'm going to commit myself to 3 On 3.  Three pages a day on the three currents works in progress.  And it should work.  Add it up!  Three pages a day per novel gives you, in 30 days,  90 pages a month.  Times five months you have a 450 page novel.  If you can sustain that load for three different works, you have three books complete at the end of five months.

Not bad, eh?

Now, pull out your wallet and lay a fiver on the table.  Whatcha want to bet this epiphany on my part is going to happen?  Come one, don't be shy.  Bet me!

Saw recently the move, The Bourne Legacy.  This is the rebirthing of the Bourne franchise featuring a different agent coming out of the Treadstone agency-within-the-agency spy ring the legendary Jason Bourne was a part of.  But this time the agency-within-the-agency is an offshoot, and far more secret, of Treadstone.

In this movie there is no Jason Bourne.  But there is an agent known as Aaron Cross.  And he's not just an agent with the moves of a Bourne.  This baby has been genetically enhanced.  Genetically souped up to be even better.  With a catch;  his intellect has been considerably souped up.  But on a temporary basis that has to be augmented with a dosage every few hours.  If he doesn't get the dosage he eventually recedes back to his original intellect.  Which isn't too much, by the way.

Jeremy Renner is Alex Cross.  He brings some interest twists to the character.  The plot for the movie is, or was for me, quite interesting to contemplate.  There's conspiracies within conspiracies playing around in this movie guaranteed to keep the franchise running for years.

Which is good.  Everyone like their conspiracies to be almost believable.

Go see the movie.  I'm sure you'll like it.

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