Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trestle Press

Let's talk about Trestle Press today.
New kid on the block when it comes to e-publishing.  Been around not quite a year now (my mind is like a big bowl of wiggly jello when it comes to time frames.  But I think I'm right on this).  In that time frame they've done some remarkable things;  they've signed up lots of writers--they've published a ton of good stories.  Stories ranging in just about every venue you can think of.  And most important of all--they love to take ideas and concepts from their writers and play with'em.

That's a biggie in my book.  A publisher who actually LISTENS to a writer!

I've suggested cover ideas--plot ideas--even suggested latching onto a couple of writers I know and they've listened to everything I've said.  It's kinda nice to get involved with a start-up firm like this and be a part of the growth process.  And I've no doubt Trestle Press is moving in the right direction.  Their markets are still expanding and they're still signing up new writers.  It's just a question of time before the explode into the Big Time, baby!

They're the publishers who have three of the series I'm writing.  One is the Call Me Smitty series.   A dark-eyed hitman with a Code of Ethics--and an ability to slip in and out of the darkness like a ghost.  If you like adventure, violence, a different kind of character--you'll enjoy Smitty.

The second genre they're publishing for me is my fantasy series, Roland of the High Crags.  Swords--dragons--magic--impossible escapes.  All sounds kinda ho-hum, run-of-the-mill Fantasy.  Not so, bubba.  This is High Fantasy. (or, I think so, at least).  Fantasy with a plot.  Intrigue, treachery, Fate, and the machinations of the gods--all can be found in the Roland series.

And then there is the Jake Reynolds series.  Jake is an art thief.  He steals Renaissance masterpieces and replaces the originals with fakes so exact it is impossible to tell one from the other.  And he is also unlucky--unlucky in that he has a flaw in his personality.  He cannot stand the thought of somoene getting away with murder.  He has to pursue them and bring them to justice.  Set in the first half of the 20th Century, it's historical detective work you might like.

So Trestle Press has this thingee going on.  Find one of their writers and buy something--and Trestle Press will tickle the order with other goodies for you. (For god sakes, find ME!  It's not that I'm a starving writer--but last night's meal of boiled ragweed washed down by stale rain water out of an abandoned house's draining system wasn't too tasty.)  

I'm kidding.  Really.  Kidding.  Making a ha-ha.  It'd be nice if you bought something of mine.  But beebop over to Trestle Press and you'll find a wide range of writing styles to choose from.  You won't be disappointed.

And that--about finding a wide range of writing styles--I'm not kidding about at all.

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