Friday, September 16, 2011

Blatant Self Promotion! Muhoohahahahaha!!

Yeah, kiddies.  This is blatant self promotion on my part.  I ain't sheepish about it--it doesn't make me lose any sleep whatsoever.

'Could even say I am proud of it.  Yeah . . . that's the ticket, baby . . . .

What am I yapping about?

Three Deadly Sins the latest edition to my Call Me Smitty series is coming out within the next forty-eight hours.  Maybe out by Monday bright, new, and shiny.
And me hearties . . . you should rush madly to your Kindle or Nook ereaders and down load it. 


Glad you asked.

You should run like a bunch of hopped up Lemmings on steroids and download this offering because YOU!! (Yeah, I mean YOU, my luv!) could make my dark eyed, whispering character named Smitty a best seller.  Not just a one time best-seller.  No sir, me buckos.  Make him a character whose name, --- like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader --- everyone is familiar with.  Make him one of those scary friends you invite into your house . . . and hope none of the neighbors see him coming and going.  Make him one of our black sheep of the family--one we secretly admire but can't openly admit it 'cause all hell would break loose if we did.

And you know you have someone in your family like this.   We all do.

Smitty is an enigma.  An efficient killing machine.  As cold as a human can be.  Yet . . . amazingly gentle at times.  Even forgiving.  He breezes in and out of the night like a stray thought;  he comes in all kinds of disguises.  When his all black eyes latch onto you your soul shivers.  And when he speaks in that soft whispering voice of his . . . . Jesus!  Where the hell is the booze, momma!

Three stories.  Two short stories and one fairly long novella.  Each one taking on a different aspect of the classic Damsels-In-Distress motif.  Some of the women are innocent victims.  Some . . . well . . . not so innocent.  All three stories are dark, creepy, and bloody.

Especially liked writing the novella,  'A Killing Kiss.'  Twisted, filled with action; treacherous.  Who's lying--who's telling the truth?  Bullets fly.  Knives are used.  Blood flows freely--and Smitty is in the middle of it all. 

There are a lot of hard-core bastards out there like Smitty.  You, like me, can tick off a number of names who act similarly like Smitty.  But there's no one really . . . really like Smitty.  So that's why his fate resides in YOUR hands.  You can lift him out of the stew of wannabes and make him someone truly memorable.  YOU can make him a literary figure that everyone wants to read.

 . . . and yeah, brother.  This is blatant self-promotion on my part. 

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