Monday, September 5, 2011

Drunk On the Moon: Insatiable

It's coming.  I know it is.  Just a few more days and then it'll pop up like a bad case of acne on Amazon.Com and all the other places you can purchase ebooks.

What's coming, you ask?

My offering to Paul D. Brazill's on going series entitled Drunk On the Moon.

Paul's come up with a spiffy idea.  Create a character who is . . . shall we say . . . challenged;  challenged in that, when the full moon comes out, he turns all hairy and wants to rip you the pieces.  And then for dessert he likes to lift his bloody snout up toward a star filled night and howl at the moon.

That, me boyos, definitely is challenging if you want to develop a love life with a beautiful woman.  And it certainly puts the cabash on you and some friends going out on the river for a night's worth of fishing and drinking beer.  Well . . . at least when the moon's out.

Roman Dalton is the character's name.  Ex-cop, semi-professional drunk; definitely a Type A personality, 100 percent Werewolf.  Friendly guy most days and nights--especially if you're willing to share your booze with him.  But there are nights where it's best if you stay at home and bury yourself down in a safe-room in your basement.  A safe-room with no windows, only one door made of steel reinforced concrete, with lots of garlic and silver bullets that fit into a big, big gun as additional handy insurance available.

My offering is called Drunk On the Moon:  Insatiable.  Roman is feeling the beginning tribulations of the onset of his  . . . uh . . . illness.  He has a taste for human blood.  He can smell the blood pumping in his friends and acquaintances bodies half a block away.  Can hear the blood pumping with a hypnotic demand to feast . . . often . . . on the helpless.

It's only hours away from the first full moon and Roman isn't feeling too 'friendly.'  Yet a friend of his asks Roman to help him solve a series of rather bloody, ferocious murders.  Murders it seems committed by a Werewolf.

Roman agrees to help and . . . . .

Well, that's enough to tickle your fancy.  Drunk On The Moon; Insatiable should be coming out any day now.  I'm rather pleased with the effort.  It's dark, moody, violent, with a couple of nods toward some droll humor.  Just like the original story.  My offering will be Number Four (I think) in the series.  Paul and two other wonderful writers have published the first three installments.  Several more talented writers are soon to follow after me.  The series is open ended.  How far will Roman Dalton go?  Who knows.  But it should be one hell of a good ride.

I just hope my efforts rises to the level of excellence already achieved by the first three.


  1. The anticipation is palpable, BR. Loved the first three editions and very much looking forward to this one.

  2. Chris, I hope I live up to the expectations.

  3. Chris, I hope I live up to the expectations.

  4. It's now available! Click above and to the right.