Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meet Frank Morales

 Meet Frank Morales.  The other half of the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales homicide detective team.

Yeah, I know.  I know . . .

With Turner I had a photo of Clark Gable--the spitting image of Turner.  With a few modifications.  But with Frank I have this.  A rendition of a description of Frank.  Not quite the same thing.  Not nearly as impressive.

But there's a reason for that, boyo.

I can't think of anyone famous, or near famous, who comes even close to representing Frank.  Frank is, without a doubt, just fraken . . . . different.

I mean, c'mon.  The guy is a carrot topped lookalike Neanderthal wannabe.  He's got small, little piggy eyes and a jaw that looks like it's made out of hand chiseled  granite.  And no neck.  Apparently there's a head--and a set of shoulders.  How he turns his head and looks to his left and right is a mystery to everyone.  But he does.  The most curious thing about him is his intellect.  Whereas mere mortals around him sport a three digit IO, Frank may have one that has four digits.  No kidding.  He seemingly knows everything and can recall everything.

No.  He's no super hero.  He makes mistakes.  He opens his smart-ass mouth enough times to get people pissed off at him.  Often.  He's married to a drop-dead gorgeous Italian who has a temper that, when it blows, rivals that of Mount Vesuvius.  And four kids.  And dogs.  And cats.  And a parrot.   So . . . . no.  He's not a super hero.  Just a very, very interesting character.

Remember what I said that, as a writer, if you develop interesting characters that have a width and depth about them they will be the ones that keep a reader interested in your writing.  What?!  I didn't mention that in an earlier post?  'Sumbitch!

It's true, Pookie.  Bank on it.

Readers can be fickle.  Choosey.  Even down right mean.  But they also can be loyal.  Loyal to the point of being certifiably nutty.  Give'em someone than can identify with--that they can admire and even fall in love with--and they'll come back to you over and over and over.  Come back even though eventually (and it happens to all successful writers--and not so successful writers) the interesting story plots have dried up and blown away.  They'll still come back.

Now how you get the reading public to discover your interesting characters is a whole new can of worms we should discuss.  And we will.  Just as soon as I figure that out for myself.  So stay tuned.

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