Monday, January 14, 2013


Turner Hahn
Hmmm. . . .

Over the last three years (maybe four)  I've written a number of short stories featuring homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales. About twenty-six stories, give or take a few.  Two cops who are close friends and absolutely equal in capabilities.  Well . . . one (Frank Morales) looks like someone's nightmare out of Bedlam (yeah; Bedlam used to be a hospital in London for the insane.  May still be for all I know).  Short, stringy red hair.  An IQ about four digits in length.  No neck.  With a photographic mind.

Turner, on the other hand, looks like a famous movie star from out of the '30's (betcha it won't be too hard to figure out).  An ole' farm boy who had a rough life as a kid but who, years after joining the police force and going through a bad marriage, suddenly falls into a bath tub full of money.  Inherited money from an grandfather he didn't know still lived.

So the two of them have their own personalities.  Have their own sets of emotional baggage they deal with on a daily basis.  Yet together they are a working team who . . . almost always . . . get the homicide cases no one else would touch with a fifty foot pole.

They get the tough ones.  The weird ones.  The impossible ones.  And just to add some joviality (at least, in the full length novels I write about'em)  they're usually working on one or two homicide cases at a time.  All of'em the scratch-your-head-and-pass-me-another-aspirin- kind of case.

But the short stories are just one case at a time.  About two dozen of'em.  Most of them have seen the light of day in various ezines.  A few of them will be brand new.  And yes, I think there is STILL a huge audience out there who would be quite happy to discover their unique brand of humor and wise-ass commentary.

So the idea is collect'em all.  Package them into one big anthology.  Hopefully find a publisher who likes these kind of stories and offers them as an ebook and in print.  Maybe generate enough interest from a newly discovered audience that a demand will begin building to 'rediscover' their novels.  There are two novels out there now featuring these two (check the column to the right; they're there).  A third novel is done and is waiting in limbo.  And there's many more stories and plots swirling around in the back of my head.

Frank Morales
I thought about becoming my own publisher.  But the problem about this is I would have to start out small.  The market offerings would be small.  But Turner and Frank should be offered across the widest venue of markets as possible.  Wouldn't know how to even begin.  Nor, frankly, do I really want to.  Becoming my own publisher would be just another hat to wear, another set of problems to confront, taking up more time than I would want away from my writing.  So no.  That option's out.

So . . . back to table one, Andre.  Collate the stories.  Hope for the best.  Find a publisher.  And hope Lady Luck smiles on my efforts.

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  1. This would be an excellent idea. Reading a story with these two characters only makes you want to read more and having a collection of them would do very well.

    When I find characters that I really enjoy, I always seek collections of their stories. Novels, of course, are great when it's a favorite character, but short stories are nice quick reads and offer new sets of circumstances, etc.

    You can't put 30 different cases in one novel, but you can in a story collection and that would be very cool.