Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brit Grit Too Is A Kick In The Pants

Brit Grit Too
Paul D. Brazill is at it again.  A Brit who loves his dark noir.  A writer who writes dark noir with a quirky, twisted flavor to it.  This time around he went out and found 32 of his compatriots and undoubtedly whacked them up the side of their heads with a rubber hose.  Dragging them, dazed and bloody, to some dark, dank, cramped closet he told them, probably, that if they wanted to get out alive they had to write a story for his newest anthology.

Or else.

Of course they complied.  Gladly.  So unleashed upon an unsuspecting world are 32 of the quirkiest, twisted, bloody, and sarcastically funny tales coming from the darker side of British society.

Brit Grit Too is an anthology of 32 up and coming British crime writers, including novelists Nick Quantrill, Richard Godwin and Gerard Brennan. It is published by Trestle Press.The proceeds of Brit Grit Too go to the charity Children 1st

The history of the anthology is as follows:

Last year, I contributed an essay to the programme of the NoirCon crime fiction convention, which is held in the USA every two years and celebrates dark crime fiction. The topic of the essay was the rise of hard-hitting, gritty British crime writers, such as Allan Guthrie, Tony Black, Charlie Williams and Ray Banks. The title of the essay was Brit Grit.

Earlier this year,Trestle Press published my first short story and flash fiction sampler and I decided to call it Brit Grit.

After realising that there were more and more British writers of gritty crime fiction out there, many of who were unpublished, I decided to try to put together an anthology of Brit Grit writers.

And here is the cast of BRIT GRIT TOO:

1. Two Fingers Of Noir by Alan Griffiths
2. Looking For Jamie by Iain Rowan
3. Stones In Me Pocket by Nigel Bird
4. The Catch And The Fall by Luke Block
5. A Long Time Coming by Paul Grzegorzek
6. Loose Ends by Gary Dobb
7. Graduation Day by Malcolm Holt
8. Cry Baby by Victoria Watson
9. The Savage World Of Men by Richard Godwin
10. Hard Boiled Poem (a mystery) by Alan Savage
11. A Dirty Job by Sue Harding
12. Squaring The Circle by Nick Quantrill
13. The Best Days Of My Life by Steven Porter
14. Hanging Stan by Jason Michel
15. The Wrong Place To Die by Nick Triplow
16. Coffin Boy by Nick Mott
17. Meat Is Murder by Colin Graham
18. Adult Education by Graham Smith
19. A Public Service by Col Bury
20. Hero by Pete Sortwell
21. Snapshots by Paul D Brazill
22. Smoked by Luca Veste
23. Geraldine by Andy Rivers
24. A Minimum Of Reason by Nick Boldock
25. Dope On A Rope by Darren Sant
26. A Speck Of Dust by David Barber
27. Hard Times by Ian Ayris
28. Never Ending by Fiona Johnson
29. Faces by Frank Duffy
30. The Plebitarian by Danny Hogan
31. King Edward by Gerard Brennan
32. Brit Grit by Charlie Wade

The BRIT GRIT mob is coming to kick down your door with hobnailed boots. Kitchen-sink noir; petty-thief-louts; lives of quiet desperation; sharp, blood-stained slices of life; booze-sodden brawls from the bottom of the barrel and comedy that's as black as it's bitter--this is BRIT GRIT !!!

About The Author:

Paul D. Brazill was born in Hartlepool,England in 1962. He moved to London in 1991, where he worked as a Welfare Rights Worker. In 2001 he moved to Poland where he teaches English.

His blog You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? can be found here:

Paul’s Amazon Author Page can be found here


  1. I'm delighted to be included in such a stellar line up.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Brian. And thanks to all the writers involved.

  3. I, too, am pleased to be a part of it! I think it's grand that a charity benefits from sales!