Saturday, April 2, 2016

Movie Review: Batman vs Superman

The BIG controversy. The heresy of it all!  The abominable distillation of both the Batman legend AND the Superman legend.

Yes, we're talking about the Batman vs. Superman movie that's been all the rage for the last few weeks.  But, Holy Freakin Cross-Eyed Second Cousin!  Has this ONE flick been stirring up so much shit in the Batman and Superman fan base . . . or more precisely . . . in the Marvel/DC comics fan base.  So much stirring up bad feelings the movie will, without question, absolutely positively  crack the $1 BILLION mark in ticket sales before we hit July.

Yes.  That's one BILLION (probably much more, by the way) in ticket sales by July.

So what's the big fracken deal about this movie that's sooooooooo controversial?

In a word:  Not a damn thing.  Not if you're like me and just like to go see a good action flick that might . . . just might . . . have an actual half-ass story plot behind it to work on.  And that's BvsS.  We go back a lot to the origin stories of both super heroes.  Or at least, referred heavily back to them in the flick.  That's okay.  A new director, taking the old franchise in a different direction, has to re-interpret the origin stories.  That would be, to me, kinda mandatory. But after that, what then?

The What Then is where the story branches off 18 some odd months later after the movie, The Man of Steel, ended.  In other words, BvsS begins in the aftermath of Superman's big fight against General Zod, and the destruction of which followed of the city.

God-like creatures descending from the heavens to destroy Mankind.

That's the core plot-line of the movie.  How do puny Earthlings defend themselves against god-like creatures?  And, as a secondary topic, what is the definition of being 'a hero.'

Good stuff, Maynard.  I bought the story line hook, line, and sinker.

Okay, okay . . . maybe to many people, Ben Afleck is not one's first choice as being Bruce Wayne/Batman.  But he did a serviceable job.  And . . .  I suspect he may grow into the part . . . with the next film or two.  Maybe Amy Adams not the most interesting Lois Lane we've seen in the flicks.  But she's okay.

But I will tell you Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is. . . . wow!!!  Now THERE'S a woman I'd like to get to know.  She's the one to go see in this movie.  I mean it.  She steals the scenes every time she's in one.

Jeremey Irons as the butler, Alfred Pennyworth is spot-on, brother.  Dripping with dry humor and sarcasm, maybe the best Alfred of them all.  Let's give him more screen time the next time around.  Please!

Henry Clavil as Superman is spot on as well.  Frankly, I think Henry is vastly underrated as an actor. He brings compassion, intelligence, and humor to this role.  And I really, really like that.

(And wait until you see the scenes concerning Aquaman.  Yowsers!)

The controversies, you ask?

Does Marvel Comics do a better job with their portrayal of their heroes on screen compared to DC Comics (overhead a very interesting debate about that between mother and grandmother as we exited the movie)

Is Christopher Noland's direction in his trilogy Batman series better story telling than Zack Snyder's BvsS? (you have to decide that one, kiddo.  Leave me out of it.)

Did Ben Afleck's interpretation of Batman kill off the Batman legend? (Pure bullshit, if you ask me.)

Go see the damn movie.  You may not like it.  But its not bad.  Not bad at all.

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