Thursday, May 16, 2013

The newest Turner/Frank coming soon

Here's the newest Turner Hahn/Frank Morales novel.  Not out yet.  But coming to you shortly.  Self-published in ebook format only.

Time to experiment.  To explore some ideas.  The quest is to push this novel into the widest number of markets I possibly can manage on a limited budget.

Yeah, that's right;  even though I am amazingly handsome and unusually endowed with the gift of gab, nevertheless the acquisition of money (income) has never been a long-cherished trait I've experienced in this karmic go-around.

(And just to keep it straight . . . the jab about being amazingly handsome and unusually endowed with the gift of gab?  Sarcasm, my friend; sarcasm)

Self-published authors who have hit it big.  How the hell did they do it?  I know you've asked this question ten thousand times or more.  I certainly have.  Maybe asked it even more after picking up the self-published novel, reading it, and experiencing the first reaction as 'How the hell!?'

Sometimes 'talent' has nothing to do with being 'successful' when it comes to self-publishing.

So okay.

Past efforts in self publishing have fizzled.   Why, you ask.  And what to change?  I've got a few ideas.

One: Artwork.  I think artwork is absolutely critical.  Always have and prefer coming up with my own original stuff.  Commissioned, of course.  My ideas.  An artist's visual expertise.

Two: Markets.  Gotta figure out a way to get the book into as many markets as possible.  Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble.  Push for 100 markets where a potential reader might find this and purchase it.

Three: Book trailers.  Spend what limited funds you have on building a kick-ass book trailer and then again, flashing the trailer out to as many video sites as possible.

Four: Friends and their blogsShamelessly hit your friends up with a request if you could squeeze a word or two about your new creation on their blog sites.  I do this all the time for my friends on this blog.  Should be a no-brainer.

Five:  Solicit reviewsFigure out a way to get as many reviews posted on the book as you can. Good or bad.  The more reviews you have the more curiosity is generated. Again, revert back to your friends.

This is the plan, Tonto.  Spend a little money.  Expand the market exponentially.  Hit the video sites as hard as possible.  Solicit reviews.  Maybe this will work.  If it does and the book starts selling there should be one immediate benefit (other than actually earning an income!) coming your way. The more success you have in selling your book makes you more attractive to both agents and publishers.  They just might come to you with a little enthusiasm behind their offers to help you become even more successful.

Who knows.  Hell, I still believe in Santa Claus!


  1. Can't wait to get me some new Turner and Frank!

  2. Les, I've jumped the gun a little bit. The novel should be available in about two weeks. It's getting ebook formatted now.

    But thanks for the comment, fella! Much appreciated.