Saturday, December 22, 2012

Setting goals for '13

Okay, let's face it; 2012 was a bumpy ride.  Lots of ups and downs that, frankly, left me (and my writing) in just about the same place as we were in 2011.

Meaning we are still sitting in the cheap seats watching the crowd pass by.

I'm not complaining about my writing friends finding success.  In fact I'm the first to stand up and give out a big, 'HOOOORAWWWW!' to every last one of'em.  Each deserved all the success they found--and I'm hoping even MORE will come there way in the new year.

But, me hearties . . . . .

This new year coming is meant for me.  I've said over and over and over that the very first thing a writer has to be is to be confident in one 's writing abilities.  Ultimately you have to BELIEVE you are as good as anyone out there.  But more importantly, you have FIND A WAY and  PROVE IT to everyone.  Especially so to the agents and editors and publishers.

The publishing industry is a very large sea and we are, as unknown writers, very small fish swimming around with the millions of other tiny bright-eyed guppies trying to be recognized.   So I'm going to have to do something different.  I have characters that need to be recognized.  Stories that need to be told.  Series to be written.

Take for instance the artwork above.  Turner Hahn and Frank Morales.  Homicide detectives whom, I not-so-humbly suggest, are as good a duo as can be found anywhere in the genre.  They're fully fleshed out, have their own personalities; and work well with each other.  And the cases they work on  are serious whodunits.  They need a publisher who will give them some loving attention (or, at least, a generic handshake and an 'Attaboy!')  That's all they need and I'm positive they'll take off.

And then there is Roland of the High Crags.  My warrior-monk-wizard character.  Fantasy that has all the ingredients of a traditional  fantasy romp; fire-breathing dragons, magic, high-adventure.  But darker . . . perhaps more thoughtful.  Fantasy/sci-fi (sorry; I have always lumped the two together.  They just fit in the same category so well) has become blase.  Essentially the same story over and over.  A retelling of a retold tale told many a time before.  Surely there's another story--another style that might be refreshing to attempt.

I think I'm going to re-invent this potential series.  Change a few things about the character.  Start something completely fresh and see where that goes.  Make it darker.  Meaner.

One idea I've been playing around is making Fantasy slowly turn into hard Science-Fiction.  And there's a method behind my madness, me buckos!  I think it can be done.  I have the sub-plots in my head that should surprise the bejesus out of the fans who might (absolutely will!) discover this series in '13.

Goals, people.  Everyone needs goals.  But more importantly, more than just setting goals, what truly is needed is determination.  Persistent, consistent, unyielding determination to succeed.  As other pundits have pointed out repeatedly, the world is full of talent.  Our wells overflow with talent.  Entire nations of talented people abound.  But people filled with talent and determination? 

Hmmm . . . . .

If you are a writer you have stories to tell; characters to share.  If you are a writer (throw in any kind of artist here; it's the same thing)  you have a deep desire to share your talent with others.  Not necessarily for fame and glory.  That'd be nice, sure.  But deep down, any artist wants to express their gifts to those who are searching for something.  A good story; a good piece of acting, a great piece of music.  It is this desire to share that drives a lot of artists to do what they do.

And you know what?  There's not a damn thing wrong with that.  That's the way it should be.


  1. B.r, you are a fantastic writer and you've developed interesting and captivating characters. This is your year and I am here, right now, wishing you all the very best success in the world. Thank you for your friendship, sir!
    Jane L. Fitzpatrick

  2. Jane, from a friend like you, wonderful words and much appreciated!