Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Releases Coming Your Way

Apparently it's out and available.  Paul D. Brazill's, Drunk On The Moon: A Roman Dalton Anthology.  Paul's innovative  idea of coming up with a character (Roman Dalton), making him a werewolf, writing the first story for the series---and then opening the series up to a number of different writers to flesh out the character into a more complex, interesting, person really rocked my curiosity.
We've talked about Roman before.  And I mentioned that Paul asked me to throw something together and offer it up.  So I wrote a short novella and entitled it Insatiable.  I had an idea on one aspect of what it would be like for someone to wrestle with both his conscience and being a werewolf at the same time.  Talk about a guilt trip!  Really . . . how could you live with yourself when you knew you were a fairly decent human being, but when the moon came out in its full glory, you got . . . shall we say . . . a little 'testy' with others.  As in wanting to suck them dry of their own blood and toss them away like an empty pop can.

Eight other writers have sketched their visions for what Roman might be.  All of'em are damn good.  If you're looking for a treat (and something to read on a moon lit night with the wind shaking the tree boughs and rattling the panes of glass in your windows)  this is it, brother.

Buy it.  You won't regret it.

Come this May another collection of writers are bringing out an anthology.  One which I offered up a 'Smitty' story.  It's called, appropriately enough, Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology.

The collection is from a group of writers from a publisher all of us used to write for.  This collection of keepers is the love child of a fellow writer-friend of mine, Heath Lowrance.  His idea was for each writer  to compose a story about about 'burning bridges' (either allegorically or in reality) behind them and starting anew.

Confession here:  I just wrote a Smitty story.  Meaning someone gets plugged, knifed, axed, ran over, or general doesn't pull through some act of vicious mayhem only Smitty could create.    The defense I offer for my story is that, allegorically speaking, the person Smitty helped in the story has old bridges burnt behind him and is allowed to start a whole new life.

Yeah . . . let's go with that.  Sounds as good as anything else would.

Finally, if you'll look at to the right of this blog at the top most title of mine, you'll notice Call Me Smitty: See You in Hell.  The second compilation of short stories I wrote featuring Smitty from last year.  Fourteen of'em.  All me to so some blatant self promotion here, but you'll find some pretty good reads in this batch of stories.  If you've discovered Smitty you'll probably agree with me.  If you haven't discovered Smitty---take a chance and try this collection.  It won't set your credit-card back much in the process.  And who knows?  You may actually find yourself enjoying the read!

Hell, stranger things have happened.


  1. A couple of HOT anthologies, and thanks for Insatiable in Drunk On The Moon. A beaut and one of the most popular stories.

  2. Proud to be howling along with you in both of these.

  3. Drunk on the Moon is wonderful! I really enjoyed your story in it, BR! They were all top-notch.

  4. I was honored and humbled when Paul invited me to contribute. I'm still humbled to be associated with some very very good writers that are in the anthology with me.

  5. Awesome! So happy to be involved in this and sharing both these titles with Paul, Kate and B.R. Very exciting :)