Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trestle Press

There's a new publisher out there. Trestle Press. So new the paint is still wet on their door sign. So new their web site isn't up yet. But they're exciting in a way. They've got a vision of expanding their product vigorously in both the epub market and the traditional publishing venue.

So happens that I am one of their authors. They have two original works of mine and I collaborated with three other writers in their stable to do an extended short story called Hunter.

I am also happy in the way they're paying their authors. Of course there is no up front money. Not coming from a start up firm like this. And usually not from a epublisher, regardless. But what you get for the net is substantial. What REALLY is the kicker for me are their efforts to market my material. They do the marketing. Not so much me. And as we all know, that's the bug-a-boo for so many writers: the Marketing. Wracking our brains, spending money, trying to figure out how to get our names out there in front of the GAZILLIONS of other writers so we're recognized and 'discovered' is a real pain in the ass. I'm happy someone else is doing this.

'Cause all I want to do is write.