Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The birth of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales

Okay, I am a writer. And yes, I am pushing my novels in this blog. Along with some delvings into noir/mystery writing in general.

I've created two characters to inhabit and carry on their shoulders a series I've been wanting to write for years. A police-procedural series with a heavy dose of noir. Think along the lines of Ed McBain's classic 87th Precinct series. But instead of following the lives of an entire squad room of cops, follow instead the lives of just two. Turner Hahn and his partner, Frank Morales.

Turner Hahn is an unusal cat. He's come into a sudden fortune--a gift from a grandmother he thought long since dead. The sudden inheritance comes late in his life (he's in his late Thirties) and for the most part, he's a bit uncomfortable with it. Prior to the inheritance he was just a hard working, poor cop who had to scramp and save every dime from paycheck to paycheck. But no more.

So he's a rich cop. A cop who has a vague resemblance to the late 1930's matinee star, Clark Gable. You would think money and good looks would make him a woman's man. But no . . . not really. He like's women. But he's attracted to women who have three qualities about them; looks, smarts, and an independent streak. It's the independent streak in the women that usually ends the relationships. Neither will budge on giving up their hard-won freedoms. And settling down domestically really is not an option for either.

He lives in an an upstairs flat he created for himself. The building is a garage down in the industrial section. Downstairs is his collecting of cars. Yeah, he collects cars. American-made muscle cars from the 50's thur the 80's. He buys'em and then restores them himself when he finds the time.

Turner is familiar--yet different. Unique.

And if Turner is unique, wait until you meet his partner, Frank Morales. Think 'Neanderthal' when you think of Frank. A modern-day version of a Neanderthal. The man has no neck. Just a rectangular shaped head somehow smashed into a pair of huge shoulders. He has a jaw that looks like the prow of an ice-breaker and stringy, silky fine light red hair. But what truly makes Frank unique? His IQ. He's got an IQ as big as Einstein's. Along with a photogenic memory. You can't stump Frank with a question. He knows the answer. Trust me--people try stumping him.

He's married to an Italian beauty who may be certifiably insane. They have four boys, two dogs, a cat, and a parrot. He lives in surburbia with his family. He is, as you would expect, as tough as armor plating. But he's no ordinary side-kick. He is an equal. In the novels he becomes the lead investigator in a few cases and shows how it is done as well as Turner does.

What makes the novels different is this; they're cops who work on multiple-cases at the same time. Not one case--at least two and usually three cases. There's always the main case. And that case is a genuiune 'whodonit.' A real mystery. There will always be at least one head-scratcher in the novels. Probably more.

The first book is entitled Murderous Passions. You can find it here; http://www.brstateham.com/Hahn.html You can order it from any book store, or of course, you can head over to Amazon.com online or Barnes&Noble.com to order.

Try it. You might like it.

Tomorrow we might have a 'taste' of it available.

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