Monday, July 11, 2011

Paul Brazill's INSANE concept!

An experiment, Eunice!  Crazed, insane writers!  The full moon!  Werewolves howling in the dark, swirling fog!   The unsuspecting prey being stalked as they walk huddeled over, coat collars up around their ears, through the swirling mists. Can you feel it, Euncie?  Can you feel the terror?
I can feel it.  Not terror, old girl.  Something better than that.  Excitement.  Excitement in two areas.  First, Paul D. Brazill is writing this new series for Trestle Press.  You know Paul, my luv.  He's that crazy mad Englishman who writes twisted, warped---down right creepy--stories that, when you get to the end of one, just knocks you for a psychic roller coaster ride in bizarro-land.  There's no one who can put a kick in his stories like Paul can.  (making me, frankly, pretty damn jealous by the way)

So now he's got this new series going.   A series featuring an ex-cop turned private eye who happens to be . . . hold onto your bonnet, old bat . . . a werewolf.  And it works!  He calls his character Roman Dalton.  The typical melancholic, hard drinking, forever self-analyzing kind of ex-cop we've all come to expect.  But then throw in the fangs, the blood lust, the twisty creepiness.  Talk about swift justice!

But it get's better, dear.  He's got this idea of making it a continuing series.  Roman Dalton lives on, and on, and on.  To do this he's asked other writers to take up the gauntlet and continue the series by writing their own basic interpretation of who and what Roman may or may not be.

And  are you ready for this, my little rolly-polly?  Paul's asked me to  contribute.  Me, and others like Paul Godwin, Katherine Tomalinson, and Frank Duffy.  I'm so psyched a night in a padded cell might just be the ticket!  Just to be asked by Paul to throw something together is a compliment.  But to be added to this pantheon of stellar writers makes me want to rumble in the jungle.  Swing with the Chimpanzees.  Do the bugaloo with Tarzan and Jane.

I'm looking forward to this.  Forward in reading the other's visions of Roman.  Looking forward in maybe creating something really, really spooky.  Whoever came up with this idea for the series should be complimented---or maybe committed to an institution.  I dunno.  

Either way, I hope what I contribute will at least mimic the quality of writing I know the others are going to submit.

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  1. I just grabbed a copy of Drunk on the Moon on my kindle. As a PDB fan I'd read some of it before and loved it then, but loved it more now in its longer incarnation. Can't wait to get my mitts on the future additions/editions and look forward to reading what you come up with BR.